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Kr-kr dating wiki

kr-kr dating wiki

sie sucht sex in oranienburg materials, although many monks in Isan offer advice or explanations in the Isan language, many of which are available for recordings, but transcriptions of these are now taken using the Thai. Wiesbaden, Germany: Harrassowitz Verlag. Although Tua Tham is an abugida, spelling words according to the same general rules as Thai and Lao, the alphabet is unique in having a very different design, featuring round shapes, several ligatures, special vowels only used at the start of words, several consonants that. Different speaking styles edit Despite the similarities, the Thai and Lao languages have very different speaking styles.

Laos has been affiliated with La Francophonie since 1972, with full-member status in 1992. ' Xiangkhoang ' (Province of Laos) Thai Chiangkhwang /tia kw/ 'E-CH-I-Y-NG-KH- W-A -NG' and Isan 'E-S-I-Y-NG-KH- W-A -NG' /sa ka/ Isan pronounced as * Lao 'X-Y-NG-KH- W-A -NG' /sa ka/ Lao pronounced as * 'to sweep' Thai kwat /kwt/ and Isan /kwat 'K-W-A-D' Isan pronounced. Isan houses the majority of Lao speakers and the affinity of shared culture with Laos is palpable in the food, architecture, music and language of the region. In Standard Lao, the same environments produce a low-rising tone /k/ but is typically /k/ or rising-mid-falling in Western Lao. The language remains the primary language in 88 percent of households in Isan. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 15 Outside of Thailand, the language is classified as either its own Lao-Phuthai language due to social and historical reasons or generally as just a distinct subset of the Lao language, mostly by linguists and often Isan speakers themselves.

Topologically, Isan is a subjectverbobject (SVO) language, although the subject is often dropped. 33 The transition period from 1871 up until 1933, the Lao people of Isan began to lose the shared written language which continues to this day, as most Isan people are unable to read Tai Noy or modern Lao, instead having been forced to adopt. Lao chak noy d /tk k nj d/. Lao /, mou or 'pig.', phuak /pak/ The Isan word sounds like the Thai word m 'pig in most varieties of Isan.

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With many words with ' Isan speakers have replaced the letter with ' ' to reflect Isan pronunciation, which is one of the adaptations of the Thai script to reflect Isan pronunciation in common use. Journal of the Siam Society. Isan mu som m sm but Lao / som mou, "sour pork sm m/. 12 Written language usage and vitality edit American linguist Joshua Fishman developed the Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale (gids) to categorise the various stages of language death. The casually pronounced *, * chakka noy d /tk k nj d/. (Isan speakers sometimes use the Thai particles in place of or after.) Negative statements often end in (dok, dk which can also be followed by the particle and its variant. 12 There is also a generational gap, with older speakers using more normative Lao features, whereas the youth are using a very "Thaified" version of Isan or switching to Thai generally. "Three dogs" would be rendered as (ma sam to, m sm to literally "dog three classifier".

kr-kr dating wiki

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